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Like many homeowners, our Brooklyn brownstone had plenty of heart and soul, but was also in need of some love and attention.

We were handy and had the energy, and figured the joy and savings that came with filling our weekends and evenings with do-it-yourself projects would provide a great pay-off down the road, emotionally and financially.

We bought the books, we explored the internet, we read the blogs, we watched the shows, we attended the classes…We could make the drive from our home to the nearest hardware store with our eyes closed. And lo and behold, we got a lot done! But we kept running into projects, both big and small, that we just could never pull the trigger on. They seemed too "big" or too complicated for our comfort level.

So we started THIS project in the hopes of giving energetic do-it-yourselfers and weekend-warriors that little extra help to start – and complete – that next big project.

Whether you work with us or not we hope you keep enjoying those expansion, repair, and restoration projects that help turn our houses into homes, and streets into neighborhoods.

Darren, Jill & and the CC Team

helping you do-it-yourself

174 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11215 * Phone: (718) 490-3588 * Fax: (347) 710-2780

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