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Welcome to Construction Coaches
A Unique New Service for DIYers!

Get an experienced professional to coach
you through your next
home renovation or repair project.

A little hesitant about tackling your next home improvement or home repair project?
We can help in 3 quick steps!
  1. A Coach will meet you for a FREE consultation to review the project(s) you want to complete.

  2. We'll outline a project plan including the tools, materials, and time likely needed.

  3. Then you determine the level of involvement, from our on-call service to having a coach guide you through a weekend's worth of projects.
You get the savings and satisfaction of doing the work, but with the safety net of having a friendly professional beside you every step of the way.

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learn to do it right, on-site
Need help getting
through your DIY
home repairs and
home improvements

15% OFF
On-Site Packages

helping you do-it-yourself

- Currently Serving New York City and the Metropolitan Area -
Not in the area? Reach out about our on-call help and other long distance assistance.

174 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11215 * Phone: (718) 490-3588 * Fax: (347) 710-2780

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